How just transition can help deliver the Paris Agreement

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How just transition can help deliver the Paris Agreement

This new report unpacks why a just transition is central to delivering the Paris Agreement and Sustainable Development Goals, analyses key global and regional trends, and explores what a just transition means for UNDP’s work. 

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How a Just Transition can help deliver the Paris Agreement

The importance of just transition is now recognized

A green transition to a net-zero future is key to unlocking the Paris Agreement’s global climate goals. However, if not managed well, the required socioeconomic transformation runs the risk of further increasing social inequality, exclusion, civil unrest, and less competitive businesses, sectors, and markets. Increasingly, countries are acknowledging these risks and in turn are taking action to integrate a just and equitable transition of their economies into their short- and long-term climate plans, known as Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) and Long-Term Strategies (LTS).

While the concept of just transition is widely used to advocate for social justice and equity in climate action, there is no universally accepted definition, and the perception varies between countries and regions. For UNDP, just transition is fundamentally about principle, process, and practice. UNDP’s framework of support therefore involves increasing country awareness of the principles of a just transition, strengthening their ability to engage in just transition processes, and developing capacity to implement just transition practices. 

UNDP analysis reveals that, as of 31 October 2022, just transition principles are now reflected in 38% of NDCs, 56% of LTS, and a growing number of high-profile global initiatives. More, however, needs to be done.


UNDP’s framework for incorporating just transition in NDCs and LTS 

UNDP has been working through the Climate Promise to support countries to connect the dots between climate action, social inclusion and gender equality, and sustainable development.

As part of these efforts, four key entry points have been identified for integrating just transition into NDCs and LTS:

Just Transition Framework
  1. Assessments;
  2. Engagement through social dialogues and stakeholder engagement;
  3. Institutional, policy, and capacity-building support; and
  4. Finance.

Under the Climate Promise, UNDP has supported, or is supporting, 34 countries and territories to strengthen just transition across these four areas (see map below).

Download the report to learn how UNDP is partnering with Serbia, South Africa, Costa Rica, India, and Antigua and Barbuda on their visions for a green, just, and net-zero future.



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Also available in French and Spanish