International conference on climate resilient Pakistan


Palais des Nations
1211 Geneva

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The International Conference on Climate Resilient Pakistan, co-hosted by the Government of Pakistan and the United Nations, takes place on 9 January 2023.

The Conference will bring together Governments, leaders from the public and private sectors and civil society to support the people and the Government of Pakistan after the devastating floods of 2022. It has two main objectives:

  1. Present the Resilient Recovery, Rehabilitation, and Reconstruction Framework (4RF), which lays out a multisectoral strategy for rehabilitation and reconstruction in a climate-resilient and inclusive manner
  2. Secure international support and forge long-term partnerships for building Pakistan’s climate resilience and adaptation.

Proceedings of the Conference will take place in two parts:

Part one - view webcast

  • High-level opening segment 
  • Official launch of the 4RF document and partner support announcements

Part two - view webcast

  • Exploration of concrete ways to build Pakistan’s long-term climate resilience and adaptation, including the articulation of provincial perspectives
  • Parallel Session: Living Indus—view webcast

The Conference will be translated into all six UN languages.