The Climate Dictionary

The Climate Dictionary

Climate change is the defining issue of our times. Every day, more and more people are getting involved in climate action.

Veterans in the field are already familiar with the many terms and concepts related to climate change. But if you are new to the discussion, it can be quite challenging to grasp everything at once.

That’s why we prepared The Climate Dictionary - an everyday guide to climate change terms and concepts. If you’re struggling to keep up with the climate conversation, this is for you.

It's now available in English, Spanish, French, Arabic, Russian, Turkish, and in pocketbook format.

Dear World Leaders

Dear World Leaders

Dear World Leaders is an initiative by the UN Development Programme to mobilize citizens and push for action on climate change.

Launched at COP26 in November 2021, it gives a platform to people all over the world, who can post video messages telling decision makers how climate change is affecting them, and what's at stake. They're messages of anxiety, anger, frustration and fear, but also messages of hope, and most importantly calls for action.

Climate change has the potential to irreversibly change our futures. We have a short window of time to take the urgent action necessary to limit average global temperature rise to a safer 1.5 °C. 

We want to make sure that decision makers hear citizens’ voices clearly: the climate crisis is real, it is happening now, and we have to act fast and make bold choices urgently.

If enough of us speak up, the right kind of change will follow.

Send a message to world leaders now.

Mission 1.5 and Peoples' Climate Vote

Mission 1.5

Can you keep the temperature rise below 1.5 ºC?

Mission 1.5 is a mobile game where players take on the role of government leaders, making decisions to try and keep global warming to 1.5 degrees or less.

They can also vote on the actions they want their government to take, across six different areas: protecting people, nature, energy, transport, farms and food, and the economy.

These findings became inspiration for the Peoples' Climate Vote - the single largest survey of public opinion on climate change ever conducted.

The results were compiled and analysed by researchers at the University of Oxford, before being delivered to government leaders and climate policymakers, who were able to gain vital insights into global perceptions on climate action.

Since its launch in February 2020, Mission 1.5 has given over 6 million people around the world the chance to have their say on the best ways to limit climate change in their country.

You can learn more about the campaign at Mission 1.5 Learn, or play the game below.