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22 Sep 2023, New York – Germany has pledged an additional 7 million Euro through UNDP’s flagship initiative, the Climate Promise…

Australia and Spain will partner with Tuvalu and the Dominican Republic to turn their adaptation priorities into investment opportunities.
By the end of 2027, Early Warnings for All aims to protect everyone from hazardous weather and climate events with the use of early warning systems.
UNDP and Climate Focus are launching a guidance to support policymakers to take decisions on short-term climate action in the land sector.
The Dear World Leaders exhibition features voices from over 100 countries, and will welcome Heads of State arriving in New York for key meetings.
New infrastructure that ensures water security and prevents soil erosion is a lifeline for farmers and herders, amidst severe drought.
The free, publicly available platform will serve as a crucial tool to plan adaptation into the future.
The project aims to reduce the risks associated with climate change-induced flooding through sustainable land management.
The project will promote climate-smart agriculture, and access to microcredit and climate information.
A new Common Framework provides clarity and credibility to mobilise private capital for sustainable investments in the region.
The package will support forest, land, and nature related NDC targets in 7 countries.
New initiative with focus on nature-based solutions will benefit people and ecosystems in the Lake Chilwa Basin.
Also focusing on the sustainable management of natural resources, the project will help Mali realize its climate goals.
Namibian national development Advisor shares insights from Ghana study tour.