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A new online course aims to raise awareness about the use of innovative financing mechanisms to meet development and climate goals.
The course will help government officials, decision makers and technicians prepare for implementing a voluntary carbon footprint measurement schemes.
Chad is one of the countries where action on adaptation easily turns into development gains and long-term positive outcomes.
Systematic Observations Financing Facility approves $3.1 million for a UNDP-supported project on climate data.
The award recognized Bangladesh's achievements in local adaptation and resilience building through innovation in climate finance.
'High Integrity' initiative tackles crucial carbon market issues, focusing on precise emissions accounting and addressing environmental risks.
In a historic move, sahelian countries have adopted a landmark declaration, committing to bolstering climate security.
Youth4Climate event hosted by UNDP Rome Centre served as platform to fund youth-led climate solutions.
The funding will be used to support developing countries in defining credible long-term pathways for achieving Paris Agreement goals. 
Australia and Spain will partner with Tuvalu and the Dominican Republic to turn their adaptation priorities into investment opportunities.
By the end of 2027, Early Warnings for All aims to protect everyone from hazardous weather and climate events with the use of early warning systems.
UNDP and Climate Focus are launching a guidance to support policymakers to take decisions on short-term climate action in the land sector.
The Dear World Leaders exhibition features voices from over 100 countries, and will welcome Heads of State arriving in New York for key meetings.
New infrastructure that ensures water security and prevents soil erosion is a lifeline for farmers and herders, amidst severe drought.