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Faced with shifting rainfall patterns, extreme weather events, and saltwater intrusion local innovators in the Pacific are promoting sustainable…
Solar and hydropower minigrids unlock opportunities that once seemed out of reach for the country’s scattered island communities.
In Rwanda, the planting of over one million trees and provision of almost 18,000 eco-friendly stoves is helping communities adapt to climate change.
The shea value chain proves how investing in women can transform entire communities and advance gender equality.
How climate-smart agriculture is empowering women farmers and bridging gender divides in southern Zimbabwe.
Through the power of music, young people in Uruguay are raising their voices to accelerate climate action.
Inclusive transition to clean energy benefits people and the planet in Malawi.
Despite 2023's record heat, countries and communities around the world are inspiring hope that a low-carbon, more resilient future is possible.
From South Asia to Central America, the Sahel to the Pacific, see how UNDP-AFCIA is supporting climate adaptation in 33 countries.
Transparency is key to ensuring that everyone is doing their part to keep global warming to well below 2°C.
Together with UNDP, Cambodia has built a solid foundation to reduce plastic pollution, encourage circular solutions and manage waste better.
Families in the Ahuachapán region of El Salvador are using climate-resilient and economically-viable production alternatives.
The herculean task of reducing deforestation relies heavily on the engagement of Brazilian states, 9 of which compose the Brazilian Amazon region.
What exactly is COP, what can we expect from COP28 this year, and how can we size this opportunity to make the future possible.