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Highlighting some of the countries making strides in the fight against climate change this year.
With climate change impacts intensifying, UNDP supports farmers in Kazakhstan become more resilient.
Climate Promise accelerates climate action in Sri Lanka.
As climate impacts intensify, four small island nations are exploring powerful climate solutions.
Electrifying the last mile: connecting rural communities to renewable energy in Africa
The future is not written. We know what we need to do. What we need more than anything is political will and investment.
Through its national climate plans, the country is aiming to cut emissions and adapt to climate change, for a greener future.
Just as the government is advancing its agenda, some regions are taking a localized approach to climate action.
Sharm El-Sheikh and its surroundings offer an abundance of natural attractions and experiences to visitors and travellers.
Floods in Pakistan - 2022
Ecotourism operators in Ecuador’s Amazon region are promoting tourism from an environmental and culturally responsible perspective.
As torrential rains continue to lash parts of Pakistan, UNDP is gearing up to support the country with its immediate and long-term recovery plans.
With nations across the region pushing for a greener future for all, here is what they have to say.
With funding from Japan, UNDP is working with the authorities in Hatay to improve the river’s current condition.