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Climate action can help us address the multitude of crises we are facing in the world today.
To tackle climate change, Ecuador has taken pioneering steps for reducing deforestation and forest degradation.
53 countries have included actions to promote women’s empowerment in their revised climate action plans, up from seven countries in 2015.
Learn how 3 countries are tackling the water crisis and supporting their national climate pledges.
We spoke to Kishan Khoday, Regional Team Leader – Nature, Climate and Energy, about strategic priorities for countries in the region.
A joint article by UNDP, UN Women and OECD
Countries in fragile settings also bear the brunt of the climate emergency. Yet climate finance remains largely blind to fragility and conflict.
Countries such as Chile, Peru and Panama are promoting voluntary carbon footprint programmes within the private sector.
Smarter climate finance can support the most vulnerable people living with the impacts of both climate and insecurity.
Where natural resources are at stake, conflict recurrence is twice as likely within five years.
Young climate warrior from Zimbabwe shares her reflections on COP26, what progress has been made and what remains to be done.
Financing is essential for Serbia's green transition, safeguarding energy security and supporting workers to switch to green jobs and industries.
Thinking and acting with both short-term and long-term perspectives is key to realizing net zero.