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Share of global GHG emissions
Extracted from the CAIT Climate Data Explorer (2020), developed and maintained by the World Resources Institute.
Climate Vulnerability Index ranking
A higher number means a higher vulnerability to climate change. Based on the ND-GAIN Index (2021), developed by the University of Notre Dame.
Human Development Index ranking
A lower number means a better human development score. Based on the Human Development Index (2021), developed by UNDP.
Emissions reduction target by 2030
(compared to business as usual)
The highest emissions reduction target, conditional or unconditional, included in the country’s latest NDC.

NDC Status

Viet Nam submitted its second updated NDC in November 2022.

Key highlights from the NDC

  • Viet Nam’s second updated NDC shows more ambitious mitigation targets compared to the previous NDC.
  • The national target increased from 9% to 15.8% and 27% to 43.5% reduction against business as usual in the domestically supported and internationally supported scenarios.
  • Mitigation sectors are unchanged from the previous NDC; energy, agriculture, land use, land-use change and forestry (LULUCF), waste and industrial processes.
  • The implementation of NDC 2022 is in line with net zero target indicated in the National Climate Change Strategy to 2050 and the measures to implement the methane emission reduction action plan; a 30% reduction from 2020 levels by 2030 under the Global Methane Pledge.
  • The updated NDC also includes update on economic and non-economic losses and damages that occurred in the past and those expected to occur in the future.
  • It also indicates Viet Nam’s financing needs to implement unconditional GHG reduction target which amounts to USD 21.7 billion.
  • Viet Nam's National Adaptation Plan (NAP) was approved by the Prime Minister in 2020. Currently the NAP is being reviewed for advancing process of transformative adaptation programme in key priority areas.
  • The financing needs for climate change adaptation in 2030 is estimated to be over 3-5% of 2020 GDP.

Adaptation and resilience areas in the NDC

  • Agriculture and rural development
  • Industry and trade
  • Natural resources and environment
  • Public health
  • Tourism and hospitality
  • Transport
  • Urban housing
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