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Share of global GHG emissions
Extracted from the CAIT Climate Data Explorer (2020), developed and maintained by the World Resources Institute.
Climate Vulnerability Index ranking
A higher number means a higher vulnerability to climate change. Based on the ND-GAIN Index (2021), developed by the University of Notre Dame.
Human Development Index ranking
A lower number means a better human development score. Based on the Human Development Index (2021), developed by UNDP.
NDC Status

Tonga submitted its second NDC in December 2020.

Key highlights from the NDC
  • Tonga increased its ambition, compared to its first NDC, by defining and quantifying the targets, specifying measures and providing better communication and transparency methods.
  • Mitigation targets are quantified in energy, agriculture, forestry and other land use (AFOLU) and waste sectors. For the energy sector, the target is a 13% (16 Gg) reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2030 compared to 2006. Within the AFOLU sector, it has set non-emission targets of establishing a forest inventory as a prerequisite to identify a GHG emission target for the 2025 NDC and planting one million trees by 2023. For the waste sector, it established a non-emission target of expanding the formal waste collection system as a prerequisite to identify a GHG emission target for the 2025 NDC.
  • Adaptation targets include 30% of the land in Tonga utilized for agroforestry or forestry by 2025, preventing any permanent loss of land to rising sea levels on Tonga’s four main islands, and maintenance of the existing stocks of fish and other marine species.
Adaptation and resilience areas in the NDC
  • Agriculture, forestry and other land use (AFOLU)
The Climate Promise is being delivered in collaboration with key partners. Thanks to our partners in Tonga:

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