Côte d'Ivoire

Share of global GHG emissions
Based on data from Climate Watch (CAIT 2018), developed and maintained by the World Resources Institute.
Climate Vulnerability Index ranking
A higher number means a higher vulnerability to climate change. Based on the ND-GAIN Index (2019), developed by the University of Notre Dame.
Human Development Index ranking
A lower number means a better human development score. Based on the Human Development Index (2020), developed by UNDP.
NDC Status 

Côte d'Ivoire submitted its first NDC in October 2016.

The revision of the NDC is currently underway and will be finalized shortly. The country is focusing on increasing its climate ambition across key sectors of the economy, including energy and Agriculture, Forestry and Other Land Use. UNDP is supporting Cote d'Ivoire in the review of its targets in the waste sector with the goal of raising its mitigation ambition in this sector. UNDP also works with the country on an investment plan to increase climate finance flows, and on an implementation plan to further develop an enabling environment for climate actions. This support also aims at ensuring the new generation of NDC is gender responsive.

The Climate Promise is being delivered in collaboration with key partners. Thanks to our partners in Côte d'Ivoire:

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