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Young people are leading the way forward with solutions, and people united can never be defeated.
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Youth4Climate event hosted by UNDP Rome Centre served as platform to fund youth-led climate solutions.
Here are 8 recommendations to transition the Dominican Republic economy and address existing challenges of inequalities and poverty.
This Mayan millennial agriculture system is key to forest conservation in Mexico – and needs women and young people to survive.
Biogas technology makes life safer and easier for women.
As demand for fresh water grows, young researchers from the University of Honduras are working with local communities on comprehensive solutions.
Improving energy efficiency and waste management in palm oil processing sites brings relieve to women palm oil producers.
How Indigenous groups are safeguarding nature and supporting the fight against climate change
For the Wayúu people, cultivating the guajiro bean is an integral part of their culture, and contributes to build resilience to climate change.