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The event will highlight the why and how for integrating circular economy interventions into NDCs.
Inclusive transition to clean energy benefits people and the planet in Malawi.
This event will present a practical toolbox for countries to help strengthen their NDC targets through circular economy.
Together with UNDP, Cambodia has built a solid foundation to reduce plastic pollution, encourage circular solutions and manage waste better.
With more than 50 percent of world's consumption, the Asia-Pacific region must take a leading role in planetary green transformation.
Biogas technology makes life safer and easier for women.
Metro Manila is embracing circular economy to fight climate change.
Circular economy is much more than waste management. We explain what it is and how it can help fight climate change.
15 small and medium enterprises received seed funding for innovative solutions that promote sustainable, efficient, and circular business practices.
Investing in waste management is a new chance to create green opportunities for youth in Malawi.
Ghanaians like Nelson who works with waste pickers who collect about 20,000 tonnes of plastic every day, are showing us the way.
With support from Japan, Kosovo* is helping businesses embrace sustainable green practices.
UNDP Administrator, Achim Steiner, met with local communities in Chile that are rolling-out much-needed solutions to waste management.