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UNDP and Climate Focus are launching a guidance to support policymakers to take decisions on short-term climate action in the land sector.
As demand for fresh water grows, young researchers from the University of Honduras are working with local communities on comprehensive solutions.

Located on the borders between the West African countries of Burkina Faso, Mali, and Niger is the landlocked region of Liptako-Gourma.

Uganda, Kenya, and Somalia are demonstrating that real progress towards climate action is possible.
The bees facilitate the cross-pollination of plants, which is vital for the regeneration and growth of the forest ecosystem.
New infrastructure that ensures water security and prevents soil erosion is a lifeline for farmers and herders, amidst severe drought.
For the Wayúu people, cultivating the guajiro bean is an integral part of their culture, and contributes to build resilience to climate change.
Indigenous communities in Belize find a livelihood and a home while protecting and restoring the forest's ecosystems.
How communities are harnessing data to improve decision making and gain an edge over climate change.
The project will promote climate-smart agriculture, and access to microcredit and climate information.
With support from Japan, the village of Chambarak now has improved mudflow defenses and weather forecasting.
The package will support forest, land, and nature related NDC targets in 7 countries.
New initiative with focus on nature-based solutions will benefit people and ecosystems in the Lake Chilwa Basin.
Hear to what people in El Salvador have to say about the way climate is changing in the country and how it is impacting them.