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This innovative partnership underscores a shared commitment to supporting countries in meeting the ambitious objectives of the Paris Agreement.

Strengthened collaboration will facilitate and support the credible, high-integrity supply and use of carbon credits.

'High Integrity' initiative tackles crucial carbon market issues, focusing on precise emissions accounting and addressing environmental risks.
UNDP’s vision is to make carbon markets work for host countries, NDCs and the SDGs.
The herculean task of reducing deforestation relies heavily on the engagement of Brazilian states, 9 of which compose the Brazilian Amazon region.
The Amazon Summit held in Brazil witnessed a robust commitment to sustainable development with the Belém Declaration.
The workshop aimed to build the capacity of Ivorian actors to participate in carbon markets.
Countries are increasingly examining the potential of carbon markets to close the significant gap in climate finance in Africa.
Kenya and Cambodia share experiences.
African countries are in the process of understanding how to weigh the opportunities afforded by carbon markets.
Developing countries can use carbon markets to advance their socio-economic development, while transitioning to a low-carbon economy.
Accelerating ambition and implementation of climate action in forests, is necessary to reach net-zero emissions.
Carbon markets have gained significant traction in recent years, but largely leave out Africa, without which global climate goals cannot be achieved.
Cambodia has been taking various steps to sustain and expand this important source of carbon finance.