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Uganda, Kenya, and Somalia are demonstrating that real progress towards climate action is possible.
Circular economy is much more than waste management. We explain what it is and how it can help fight climate change.
Community innovation is central to addressing the climate crisis, providing solutions that can be replicated in other parts of a country or region.
The country now needs approximately USD 28.1 billion to deliver on its NDC targets.
The climate crisis, just like nearly every other humanitarian and development challenge, has a greater impact on women. We explain how.
Countries are increasingly examining the potential of carbon markets to close the significant gap in climate finance in Africa.
Highlighting some of the countries making strides in the fight against climate change this year.
African countries are in the process of understanding how to weigh the opportunities afforded by carbon markets.
Ugandan youth leader shares her thoughts on what it means to shape the climate future we want.
Uganda takes an inclusive approach to reporting climate actions, which can be replicated in other countries.
With nations across the region pushing for a greener future for all, here is what they have to say.
Africa Climate Week focuses on partnerships for resilience and energy transition.
Young people and youth leaders from across Africa have the ideas, solutions and motivation to solve the climate crisis.
Adopting electricity as the primary source of energy for cooking helps reduce carbon emissions and deforestation.