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Climate Action Explained takes viewers on a world tour that proves meaningful climate action is possible.
Through the power of music, young people in Uruguay are raising their voices to accelerate climate action.
The region is trying to secure the climate finance they will need in the coming decades through a mix of instruments and approaches.
Uruguay issued a sovereign bond aligned to environmental indicators - an innovative instrument for sustainable development
We dive into the main lessons emerging from a recent regional exchange on low-emissions transport.
The climate crisis, just like nearly every other humanitarian and development challenge, has a greater impact on women. We explain how.
During a visit to the country, Achim Steiner, Head of UNDP, highlighted how Uruguay's focus on inclusive human development and environmental…
Transparency is at the heart of the climate emergency. Without it, we cannot move from planning to action, or win the fight against climate change.
With support from UNDP, countries across the region are advancing climate-resilient development to address the life-threatening challenges of climate…