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Climate Action Explained takes viewers on a world tour that proves meaningful climate action is possible.
Three insights on long-term low-emission development strategies from countries across the continent.
Uganda, Kenya, and Somalia are demonstrating that real progress towards climate action is possible.
The Africa Climate Week 2023 will take place on September 4 - 8 in Nairobi, Kenya, and will be hosted by the Government of Kenya.
Japan and UNDP have joined forces for another set of funding to support climate action.
As it takes bigger steps to combate climate change, Kenya is looking at its forest ecosystems as a way to unlock new solutions.
Countries are increasingly examining the potential of carbon markets to close the significant gap in climate finance in Africa.
Kenya and Cambodia share experiences.
Young people and youth leaders from across Africa have the ideas, solutions and motivation to solve the climate crisis.
By diversifying their sources of income, these women farmers can better withstand the economic consequences of climate threats.
Japan became the first bilateral partner to fund the new re-afforestation and land restoration programme through the Climate Promise FLaRAK project.
The new funding will be key in sustaining resilient forest ecosystems that benefit local economies, protect biodiversity, and address climate change.
Young Kenyan entrepreneurs are tackling deforestation and shifting to a circular economy through innovation.