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Propacha, a youth-led initiative, and Cruz Verde, a sustainable enterprise, are introducing smart organic hydroponic gardens in public schools.
The way we communicate the issue has a different impact on different audiences. Here are some tips to get your message across.
The cast from the award-winning television series Shark Tank came together at the UN to push for action on the world's pressing challenges.
Faced with shifting rainfall patterns, extreme weather events, and saltwater intrusion local innovators in the Pacific are promoting sustainable…
Solar and hydropower minigrids unlock opportunities that once seemed out of reach for the country’s scattered island communities.
SIDS are a small group of island countries and territories facing similar vulnerabilities to climate change impacts. We explain why.
Climate Promise 2025 will provide major boost to goal of limiting global temperature rise to 1.5°C.
The event will launch the next phase of flagship climate action initiative - Climate Promise 2025. Watch it live on 23 April at 3pm ET.
In Rwanda, the planting of over one million trees and provision of almost 18,000 eco-friendly stoves is helping communities adapt to climate change.
As countries are preparing the next revision of their NDCs, they must ensure that young people have a seat at the table.
The approval of SOFF investment will help to close critical gaps in weather observation and forecasting capabilities for the three countries.
The 23rd session of the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues will take place in-person from 15-26 April 2024.
This innovative partnership underscores a shared commitment to supporting countries in meeting the ambitious objectives of the Paris Agreement.
Climate Action Explained takes viewers on a world tour that proves meaningful climate action is possible.