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Sharm El-Sheikh and its surroundings offer an abundance of natural attractions and experiences to visitors and travellers.
Join us for a discussion with some of the voices driving today’s climate change conversation, this Wednesday 21 September at 9am ET.
With support from Japan, farmers in Kazakhstan will pilot technologies that aim to raise agricultural productivity, while lowering emissions.
The regional workshop, hosted by Indonesia, aimed to promote integration of gender equality and social inclusion in climate budgeting.
The project will provide sustainable and clean water and energy solutions, including through water-efficient agricultural management practices.
In northeast Nigeria, besides insecurity, communities are also experiencing the pronounced impact of climate change.
Rural-to-urban migration for greater economic and social security is becoming inevitable, and climate stresses will only increase this trend.
The Japan-funded initiative will accelerate the adoption of small-scale solar energy solutions and help advance Egypt's energy transition.
With nations across the region pushing for a greener future for all, here is what they have to say.
Africa Climate Week focuses on partnerships for resilience and energy transition.
With funding from Japan, UNDP is working with the authorities in Hatay to improve the river’s current condition.
Join our live Twitter Spaces event with young climate activists from Africa, on 1 September at 10AM ET
In Africa, one of the regions hardest hit by climate change impacts, climate ambition is stronger than in any other part of the world.
EVs, coupled with clean energy, offer the greatest potential to reduce emissions in the transportation sector.