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Climate Action Explained takes viewers on a world tour that proves meaningful climate action is possible.
How climate-smart agriculture is empowering women farmers and bridging gender divides in southern Zimbabwe.
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From South Asia to Central America, the Sahel to the Pacific, see how UNDP-AFCIA is supporting climate adaptation in 33 countries.
Young people are leading the way forward with solutions, and people united can never be defeated.
Chad is one of the countries where action on adaptation easily turns into development gains and long-term positive outcomes.
Systematic Observations Financing Facility approves $3.1 million for a UNDP-supported project on climate data.
The award recognized Bangladesh's achievements in local adaptation and resilience building through innovation in climate finance.
Families in the Ahuachapán region of El Salvador are using climate-resilient and economically-viable production alternatives.
The world must step up support for Least Developed Countries – and follow their example.
Innovative tools help young farmers and fishers in Jamaica fight climate change impacts.