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As it takes bigger steps to combate climate change, Kenya is looking at its forest ecosystems as a way to unlock new solutions.
Climate-related and natural disasters can take a huge toll on vulnerable communities. More investment is needed in this area.
The project will support net-zero transition and climate-resilient development in Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Timor-Leste and Vanuatu.
With Japan's support, several infrastructure investments are being made to strengthen the resilience of local communities in Tajikistan.
With support from Japan, communities in at-risk areas benefit from increased resilience and protection from climate hazards.
The conference, co-hosted by the Government of Pakistan and the United Nations, takes place on 9 January 2023.
A new year always offers hope for doing better - for reaching higher and pushing further as a global community.
Highlighting some of the countries making strides in the fight against climate change this year.
To protect livelihoods and the economy, we need climate-proof transport infrastructures.
Ugandan youth leader shares her thoughts on what it means to shape the climate future we want.
The event included the launch of a Digital Climate Atlas that helps monitor climate conditions in the country.
Post-Disaster Needs Assessment calls for urgent support to implement a Recovery and Reconstruction that ‘Builds Back Better’.
Just as the government is advancing its agenda, some regions are taking a localized approach to climate action.
Uganda takes an inclusive approach to reporting climate actions, which can be replicated in other countries.