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Transparency is key to ensuring that everyone is doing their part to keep global warming to well below 2°C.
Uganda, Kenya, and Somalia are demonstrating that real progress towards climate action is possible.
Transparent reporting is key to setting meaningful climate targets. We explain how it all works.
Uruguay issued a sovereign bond aligned to environmental indicators - an innovative instrument for sustainable development
As climate change impacts intensify, finance for mitigation and adaptation becomes crucial for Lebanon.
The country launched activities to strengthen national capacities for transparency
Robust monitoring and evaluation systems are critical to ensure that climate adaptation measures work for people.
A new year always offers hope for doing better - for reaching higher and pushing further as a global community.
The revised NDC outlines Kiribati’s efforts to increase the transparency of planned national actions to reduce carbon emissions.
The financial contribution will boost UNDP’s decades-long history of supporting transparent reporting of climate action.
Through its national climate plans, the country is aiming to cut emissions and adapt to climate change, for a greener future.
Uganda takes an inclusive approach to reporting climate actions, which can be replicated in other countries.
In Africa, one of the regions hardest hit by climate change impacts, climate ambition is stronger than in any other part of the world.
Here are 7 things you need to know about the state of climate ambition in the Latin America and the Caribbean region.