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How climate-smart agriculture is empowering women farmers and bridging gender divides in southern Zimbabwe.
Three insights on long-term low-emission development strategies from countries across the continent.
Community innovation is central to addressing the climate crisis, providing solutions that can be replicated in other parts of a country or region.
How smallholder farmers in Zimbabwe are reaping bumper crops by adapting to a changing climate.
A forum helped define the country's vision for just transition and build capacities for stakeholders to master a Green Jobs Assessment Model
The climate crisis, just like nearly every other humanitarian and development challenge, has a greater impact on women. We explain how.
To avert catastrophe, we must switch to a sustainable, net-zero future. This transition has to happen in a fair and inclusive way.
With nations across the region pushing for a greener future for all, here is what they have to say.
Young people and youth leaders from across Africa have the ideas, solutions and motivation to solve the climate crisis.
Young climate warrior from Zimbabwe shares her reflections on COP26, what progress has been made and what remains to be done.
Vulnerable countries are stepping up amidst a slow response from some of the biggest emitters on the climate crisis.
Zimbabwe will enhance its mobile strategies to reach over 2.3 million smallholder farmers with climate smart agriculture practices.
Africa is at a crossroads. The multiplying challenges of the climate crisis, conflict and COVID-19 have put more and more people at risk.
A just transition to a green economy can address climate change, rising inequality, and the health and economic impacts of COVID-19.