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Suriname made a promise to itself and the rest of the world to cooperate in mitigating the effects of climate change.
The new project is worth $2.7 million and will help Tajikistan develop an effective National Adaptation Plan to increase climate resilience.
Montenegro's revised NDC aims at decarbonization through transformations in the energy, transportation, and industry sectors.
For Mohammed Ahmed - better known as Sidey - water has been an economic lifeline. Since he lives in the Maldives that may not seem surprising. While…
Transparency is at the heart of the climate emergency. Without it, we cannot move from planning to action, or win the fight against climate change.
Integrated approaches for climate-resilient development supported by UNDP are improving lives and livelihoods – and protecting the planet.
Albania's revised NDC includes mitigation and adaptation measures in new sectors.
The turbine will demonstrate the viability of wind energy in Africa’s third largest nation, and is expected to provide power to 14,000 people.
HCENR and UNDP kickstart US$41.2 million project to improve the resilience of local communities in the face of climate change impacts.
Almost 98 percent of the Pacific region is ocean. But sea-level rise has various impacts that affect coastal communities in the Pacific.
Rising temperatures and increasingly frequent droughts will turn large portions of cocoa-producing regions to savanna by 2050.
Asia’s Hindu Kush-Himalayan mountain ranges will lose up to two thirds of ice by 2100, causing water and food shortages for over 2 billion people.
El PNUD en República Dominicana trabaja para promover el consume sostenible y reducir la huella de carbono.