Enhancing climate change transparency: How developing countries are taking action

Enhancing Climate Change Transparency

In the context of global climate change policy and actions, transparency equals trust. This report examines how developing countries are establishing this trust by sharing their successes, challenges, and lessons learned. 

Building on the valuable results of the UNFCCC's Consultative Group of Experts of the Subsidiary Body for Implementation, this report highlights the best practices and support needs of 24 countries out of 126 where UNDP-managed projects are addressing enhanced transparency activities in Africa, Asia & Pacific, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East. The report presents actions within the ETF themes of GHG inventory, mitigation progress, adaptation progress, support needed & received, and cross-cutting issues, making it easy to follow these leading activities and future needs.  

The report can serve as a useful guide to identify opportunities for South-to-South knowledge sharing and collaboration to address the Enhanced Transparency Framework. It highlights more than 200 activities related to the ETF that countries have experience in addressing. It also provides detailed information on 23 specific solutions used by countries to tackle a key challenge they faced. Lastly, development partners can use this report to identify areas where targeted ETF support is needed. It identifies over 60 common areas where future support is necessary to enhance transparency.