Research and Reports

This policy brief investigates the critical role that private sector finance plays in achieving Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) targets in…
This policy brief captures effective and innovative policies that can be used to accelerate the low-carbon energy transition in the Arab States.
This review assesses whether existing and planned adaptation expenditure is sufficient to avoid the economic impact from climate change.
UNDP is collaborating with global initiatives to ensure high integrity across all types of carbon markets.
This guide provides advice on how to better integrate marine and coastal components within Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs).
This document aims to serve as a reference to orient different actors in the region that are in the process of developing taxonomies.
This report outlines essential considerations for tropical forest countries supplying high integrity forest carbon credits to the VCMs.
An interactive, digital tool based on a comprehensive dataset from 56+ forest countries.
The report provides comprehensive information on waqf and its potential to support climate action in Indonesia and beyond.
Thailand needs 13-14 billion THB to make the transport infrastructure more resilient against climate change.
There is no country in the Europe and Central Asia region where the impact of climate change cannot be seen and felt – from catastrophic flooding in…
The Asia-Pacific region covers a wide geographical area, with diverse landscapes, societies, cultures, religions and economies. Of the 41 countries…