Research and Reports

The toolbox aims to provide countries with a methodology, resources, and tools to implement circular economy interventions in their updated NDCs.
The report presents results of the Japan-funded Climate Promise project across 22 countries and territories.
This document aims to serve as a reference to orient different actors in the region that are in the process of developing taxonomies.
This study maps the extent to which climate, peace and security intersections are addressed in the National Adaptation Plans (NAPs).
This guidance note illustrates three broad intervention areas that are crucial to addressing barriers to PSE in climate action.

Least developed countries (LDCs) are low-income countries confronting severe structural impediments to sustainable development.

This snapshot explores the NDC submissions, ambition, and progress made by Small Island Developing States.
The Advancing gender equality platform provides information on second generation NDCs that demonstrate greater attention to gender equality issues.
A progress report on the Japan-funded project being implemented in 23 countries and territories under the Climate Promise initiative.
This report outlines essential considerations for tropical forest countries supplying high integrity forest carbon credits to the VCMs.

This new report unpacks why a just transition is central to delivering the Paris Agreement and Sustainable Development Goals, analyses key global…

An interactive, digital tool based on a comprehensive dataset from 56+ forest countries.