Research and Reports

This report explores how developing countries are building trust in their climate actions, by sharing their successes, challenges, and insights.
UNDP is collaborating with global initiatives to ensure high integrity across all types of carbon markets.
'On Equal Terms' provides officials, policymakers, and other climate practitioners with a guide for establishing a youth-inclusive process for NDCs.
This paper explores gender commitments, the conditions supporting gender-responsive climate actions and their implementation in Africa.
This brief summarizes the development process and UNDP’s supported actions of the Regulatory Framework for REDD+ Projects in Cambodia.
The guidance note aims to support policymakers in accelerating short-term climate actions in the land sector to facilitate their countries’ long-term…
This guide provides advice on how to better integrate marine and coastal components within Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs).
The toolbox aims to provide countries with a methodology, resources, and tools to implement circular economy interventions in their updated NDCs.
The report presents results of the Japan-funded Climate Promise project across 22 countries and territories.

The Climate Dictionary is an initiative aimed at providing an everyday guide to understanding climate change.

This study maps the extent to which climate, peace and security intersections are addressed in the National Adaptation Plans (NAPs).
This guidance note illustrates three broad intervention areas that are crucial to addressing barriers to PSE in climate action.