How just transition can help deliver the Paris Agreement


Just Transition webinar

Join us to hear from experts from UNFCCC and UNDP on the key outcomes of the COP27 decision on the just transition, current global and regional trends, and what it means in practice.

We will share experiences from front runner countries on integrating the principle and process of the just transition into NDCs and LTS.

The webinar aims to explore critical issues in enabling all countries to move from just transition pledges to implementation.

History has shown that with rapid transformation comes the risk of greater social inequality and civil unrest, as well as disrupted businesses, sectors and markets. To meet the challenge, countries are rethinking development pathways to achieve the scale, scope, and speed of environmental and socio-economic transformation required. Increasingly, they are taking steps to ensure a just transition of their economies, with the aim of leaving no-one behind.

Promisingly, we are seeing growing commitment to the role of the just transition in achieving the Paris Agreement. Just transition principles are now explicitly cited in 38 percent of Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) and 56 percent of Long-Term Strategies (LTS). Of these, only 17 percent of enhanced NDCs and 55 percent of LTS. The recent COP27 also showed major progress in terms of advancing the just transition agenda and there has been an agreement to establish a dedicated work programme on the just transition. However, much more remains to be done.

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