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Peace and conflict need to be considered in the climate change agenda.
UNDP-supported initiatives are linking environmental protection, inclusion, economic opportunities and peace in a region ravaged by climate change.
Climate action can help us address the multitude of crises we are facing in the world today.
Relatedly, UNDP supported the design and launch of South Sudan’s first digital integrated Monitoring, Reporting and Verification system.
We spoke to Kishan Khoday, Regional Team Leader – Nature, Climate and Energy, about strategic priorities for countries in the region.
Countries in fragile settings also bear the brunt of the climate emergency. Yet climate finance remains largely blind to fragility and conflict.
In recent years, Somalia has worked to carve a climate-resilient path forward. But success depends on international financial support.
Smarter climate finance can support the most vulnerable people living with the impacts of both climate and insecurity.
Where natural resources are at stake, conflict recurrence is twice as likely within five years.
Climate change is not just an environmental phenomenon. It also has significant ramifications for peace, stability and security.
Home to more than 4 billion people, see how UNDP’s climate adaptation work supports sustainable development across Asia and the Pacific.
Despite facing conflict and political instability, Somalia shows strong climate action leadership through multi-sectoral, cohesive approach.
Addressing climate change can play an important role in preventing and mitigating health crises, with green solutions vital for recovery efforts.