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Highlighting some of the countries making strides in the fight against climate change this year.
The event included the launch of a Digital Climate Atlas that helps monitor climate conditions in the country.
To avert catastrophe, we must now radically switch to a sustainable, net-zero future. This transition needs to happen fast, but it also has to happen…
With support from Japan, the dialogues aim to support sectors and regions relying on extensive consumption of fossil fuels.

The climate crisis is no longer as abstract as it once may have seemed.

With support from Japan, the companies will work on renewable energy and energy efficiency, waste management, and retraining workers.
The final event in a series of dialogues on environment took place ahead of the international conference in Stockholm.
With support from Japan, Serbia aims to replace coal as primary energy source, through a just transition.
Financing is essential for Serbia's green transition, safeguarding energy security and supporting workers to switch to green jobs and industries.
The summer of 2021 was the fifth warmest summer in Serbia in the last 70 years, with impacts being felt by people across the country.
Through our experience working with countries, here are 7 key lessons on adaptation, and how we are applying them as part of our Climate Promise.