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Cities need to be at the heart of climate action – we explain why it matters.
Landmark research reveals overwhelming majority around the world support more ambitious efforts to fight the climate crisis.
Funding from the Least Developed Countries Fund will boost climate resilience and foster inclusive, green economic development in the four countries.

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The Peoples’ Climate Vote is the world’s largest standalone public opinion survey on climate change.

Peoples' Climate Vote 2024

Peoples' Climate Vote 2024

Peoples' Climate Vote 2024 is the world's largest standalone public opinion survey on climate change. More than 73,000 people in 77 countries were asked 15 questions about their perspectives on climate change. Here's what they said.

Climate Action Explained

Climate Action Explained

Progress is possible. We can still win this fight. See how 12 countries are making progress on climate solutions in our new video series, Climate Action Explained.

Climate Dictionary

The Climate Dictionary

Is it getting harder to follow what climate experts are talking about? We've compiled an index of climate change terms to keep things simple.

What is climate change adaptation and why is it crucial?

What is climate change adaptation and why is it crucial?

From planting drought-resistant crops to improving early warning systems, adaptation measures are vital in reducing our vulnerability to climate change.

What are NDCs and how do they drive climate action?

NDCs: The climate goals that help countries meet 1.5°C

NDCs represent politically backed commitments by countries. If used right, they could be our way out of tackling the world’s current crises.

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