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Just transition approaches offer us a blueprint to build tomorrow's economies. Here's how.
Here are 8 recommendations to transition the Dominican Republic economy and address existing challenges of inequalities and poverty.
To meet their climate goals, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina are pursuing just transitions to low-carbon future.
Here are six major takeaways from the latest IPCC report - the most important report on climate change in a decade.
A forum helped define the country's vision for just transition and build capacities for stakeholders to master a Green Jobs Assessment Model
Learn more about the outcomes of the COP27 decision on the just transition, at our webinar on 1 February at 8.30AM ET
Highlighting some of the countries making strides in the fight against climate change this year.
15 small and medium enterprises received seed funding for innovative solutions that promote sustainable, efficient, and circular business practices.
With support from Japan, a new hiking route opens up possibilities for green jobs and inclusive growth in Kosovo.
Electrifying the last mile: connecting rural communities to renewable energy in Africa
Greater emphasis on just transition needed to unlock opportunities and avoid increasing inequality and less competitive economies
To avert catastrophe, we must now radically switch to a sustainable, net-zero future. This transition needs to happen fast, but it also has to happen…
To avert catastrophe, we must switch to a sustainable, net-zero future. This transition has to happen in a fair and inclusive way.
With support from Japan, the SMEs will focus on innovations in agriculture, manufacturing, tourism, digitalization, and renewable energy.