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Young people are leading the way forward with solutions, and people united can never be defeated.
What exactly is COP, what can we expect from COP28 this year, and how can we size this opportunity to make the future possible.
Here are the many faces of loss and damage around the world –and what it can look like for those on the frontlines.
There is an urgency to respond to the loss and damage caused by climate change. Those most affected are often the most vulnerable populations.
A new year always offers hope for doing better - for reaching higher and pushing further as a global community.
Ibrahim from Nigeria and Shamim from Bangladesh take a look back at COP27, and what it means for their regions.
As climate impacts intensify, four small island nations are exploring powerful climate solutions.
An interview with Ahunna Eziakonwa, Director of the UNDP Regional Bureau for Africa.
Countries in Asia-Pacific are adopting more ambitious goals on climate mitigation and adaptation.
Young climate warrior from Zimbabwe shares her reflections on COP26, what progress has been made and what remains to be done.