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COVID-19 Recovery

Adopted in 2015, the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development was an exciting new shared vision to end poverty, rescue the planet and build a peaceful world. In the years following, countries made great strides towards its 17 interlinked goals.

However, no one predicted the rise of COVID-19. In 2020, the global crisis threatened to derail the effort with a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic which has taken more than 4.5 million lives and left national economies reeling.

The COVID-19 pandemic has underscored the need to invest in resilient recovery that is green, just, and sustainable.

As governments worldwide continue to manage the impacts of COVID-19, the choices and investment made must be leveraged for the future. We must also look ahead to a post-pandemic world. This is our chance to build forward better, for people and the planet.

Here’s the good news – by offering a blueprint for climate action that can spur economic growth, technological transformation, job creation and address key social inequalities, Nationally Determined Contributions can be a building block for a smart, green recovery.

UNDP is now working through the Climate Promise and an extensive climate change portfolio to ensure countries can address the climate crisis and the COVID-19 pandemic simultaneously.

More than 80 countries are leveraging support and their NDC enhancement process to guide recovery efforts. This includes practical help, solutions, and new tools for these unchartered waters.

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UNDP developed a guidance framework to support countries to design green recovery options that incorporate climate action.
A joint article by UNDP, UN Women and OECD
Urgent action is required for Covid-19 recovery, while using the opportunity to accelerate climate action.

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The COVID-19 pandemic requires all levels of government to act under great uncertainty and significant economic, fiscal and social pressure.